Manchester, Connecticut

Street Sweeping Program

The Town of Manchester Field Services Division begins sweeping town streets in April.  Each year the street sweeping program begins in a different section of town and rotates so that each section gets an opportunity to be the first area swept.  It takes approximately one week to complete each section.  The schedule is subject to change due to weather and possible equipment issues.

Under the winter anti-icing program, Public Works crews no longer use sand to treat town roads during snowstorms.

Residents can assist with the sweeping program in the following ways:

  • Do not rake your lawn into the street.  The sweeping program is not intended for that purpose.  Please bag your biodegradable waste and the Town will pick it up curbside on your day of trash collection.
  • Please keep the road free of leaves, branches, rocks and other debris.  This can cause significant damage to the sweepers.  Sweepers have been instructed to skip areas with sticks, branches, rocks, and other large debris and will NOT return.  Please keep these items out of the roadway.
State roads are maintained by the Vernon DOT 860-875-4993 and the East Hartford DOT 860-569-0640.  For additional information, please call the Customer Service & Information Center at 860-647-5235 or the Highway Division at 860-647-3233.